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This digital Hiring Desk offers independent professionals and suppliers the opportunity to submit a proposal for temporary assignments at equensWorldline.

It is easy for independent professionals and suppliers to register and respond to requests. You automatically receive an e-mail when a new assignment is posted. Register now to respond to these requests straight away. During the execution of the activities, the complete process of contract handling, time registration and invoicing is performed online via the Hiring Desk.

Hiring desk benefits:

  • You receive all of equensWorldline requests
  • You can submit your proposal electronically
  • The selection process is transparent
  • All requests are described clearly
  • The Hiring desk can answer all your questions
  • You receive a response to your proposal within days
  • Contract handling, time registration and invoicing are performed online.

Terms and conditions

For the use of and participation in the Hiring Desk the Terms & Conditions belonging to each country apply:

For The Netherlands we use this model contract freelancers

Process partner Staffing Management Services B.V. will charge the supplier / independent professional for the costs made to obtain a PES Declaration. The amount is automatically deducted from the invoice by payment of the invoice.

Payment calender 2023