Contract management

Our contract management service is aimed at ensuring compliance when recruiting candidates from your company to work at equensWorldline. Staffing MS is a service provider specialised in optimising, controlling and managing all processes, in order to maintain control over engagement activities. The contract management service is provided to equensWorldline in a fully customised manner, including the following elements:

  • Management of contracts and file creation
  • Registration and approval of hours worked
  • Bundling of invoice flows
  • Management of the screening process (PES)
  • Monitoring of suppliers (VMS)
  • Presentation of engagements in real-time management reports

This is a balanced process. Contractual arrangements are documented, and hours worked are registered and approved. The invoice is created on the basis of the approved hours worked. The system of ‘reversed billing’ applies, meaning that an invoice can only be created after the approval of the hours worked by the Hiringmanager.  This system is used to avoid errors at the expense of equensWorldline, and results in the correct expectations with regard to their release for payment.

Staffing MS handles the payments to the various suppliers. Payment into a guarantee account is also part of the process. The advantage is that you only receive one invoice, which includes the details for all candidates, the work performed and the period of time.

equensWorldline’s payment terms apply with regard to these invoices.