PES Statement

Pre-employment screening
In October 2003, legal regulations were introduced that apply to equensWorldline. These regulations stipulate how equensWorldline must safeguard its integrity with respect to internal and external employees. Consequently, equensWorldline developed a policy called Pre-Employment Screening (PES), and in 2004 started performing a so-called integrity investigation for all newly recruited and existing employees who perform activities at equensWorldline premises. This concerns all permanent and external employees, employed on the basis of performance or results.

Important check points of the Pre-Employment Screening (PES) include identity, work permits, diplomas, work experience, a certificate of good conduct, personal bankruptcy, and any sideline activities. Naturally, the investigation is performed with all due care and in accordance with privacy laws. The screening is performed by specialised screening agencies, selected for this purpose by equensWorldline. Following the screening, a PES statement containing the screening results is issued. These results are then evaluated by equensWorldline. The PES must be completed before the candidate can be recruited, so it is important that the screening is started and completed as soon as possible. The maximum time required for a screening is ten working days, from the initial request to the issue of the PES statement.

The Pre Employment Screening (PES) is carried out at the Fraud Control Department. The PES procedure is according legal requirements and the equensWorldline policies, which are based on the legal requirements, approved by the BoD. Therefore, exceptions on this procedure can only be approved by the BoD. If the hiring manager is of opinion that the PES procedure interferes with a necessary quick commencement of employment and seriously harms the interests of equensWorldline, the hiring manager could apply for a (temporary) dispensation. Only the BoD can give permission for such a dispensation. As soon as Fraud Control received an approval from the BoD, the employee will be allowed, in expectation of the completion of the PES, to start working. During this period, the hiring manager is responsible for the employee. The temporary dispensation does not rule out that the employee still can be released from his duties on basis of the outcome of the PES.

Tip: The following information is required when completing a PES request:

  • Name and address details, the citizen’s identification number, the passport or identity card number and a scan of the ID.
  • Certificate for the highest level of education completed and any certificates for continuation courses relevant to the (intended) position, including a scan of these certificates.
  • The commencement and termination dates of the employers at which the requester has worked in the previous five years. We recommend contacting previous employers in advance, to request the e-mail address of an authorised signatory. This person can then immediately approve the statement after receiving the e-mail.

*equensWorldline Germany, Italy and Finland will only use CV Ok as provider for pre-employment screening.

As a Managed Service Provider and Broker (MSP), Staffing Management Services is responsible for recruitment, and will support the candidate/supplier in this process. If your candidate already has a PES statement from one of the certified agencies indicated above, it can be submitted to Staffing Management Services. If the statement is no more than one year old, it can be added to the file as a valid document upon approval by Staffing MS.
The costs for the PES statement will be charged to the candidate or the supplier who is contractually bound to the candidate. The Statement of Good Conduct is part of the PES Statement and must be requested electronically and paid for by the candidate as part of the process.